About Me










Hello! I’m Miranda

I’m a 20-something located in Wisconsin (and yes… I like cheese. That stereotype is true!). I love traveling, trying new things, and experiencing cultures. I crave an insane adrenaline rush just nothing too crazy. My idea of crazy falling short of riding a motorcycle off a 500 ft jump over a lake of man-eating piranhas through a hoop of fire… I love any sort of adventure; from being high in the air, down in the water, or traveling fast on land–so many things excite me!

Adventure Bucket List
  • ✓Skydiving
  • ✓Bungee jumping
  •    Swim with Sharks
  •    Hang Gliding
  • ✓Ziplining
  • ✓Paragliding
  •    Surfing
  • ✓Snorkeling
  •    Scuba Diving
  •    Whitewater Rafting
  •    Ride a Hot Air Balloon
  •    Visit a Safari


I haven’t always been so adventure-thirsty; I spent most of my childhood terrified of everything and despising having to step outside of my comfort zone. On one particular vacation, we were in the mountains and had to cross a bridge that was on the ledge of a mountain—yikes. Being terrified of heights, I froze, unable to say a word. Took a few seconds (or an eternity) for my dad to realize I wasn’t behind them, and I was stuck back there bawling. Poor little Miranda. I believe the moment all of that changed was 2011 in my final year of high school. I saw an advertisement for skydiving while on the interstate, and I was determined to go before graduation. Lo and behold, I accomplished that May 2012; it is still by far in the top 5 favorite memories. The rest is history…

I’ve been fortunate to have gone on family vacations across the US while growing up, but what sparked the passion was learning German in high school and French in college. My love for languages blossomed into a passion to learn about other cultures and a desire to see more of the world!

With all of that said, I don’t believe an “adventure” has to always be something crazy (like riding a motorcycle off a 500 ft jump, over a man-eating piranha invested lake through a hoop of fire). An adventure can be kayaking at a nearby river, taking a trip to a city you’ve never been to, or just a little hike among nature. My curiosity has taken me down many paths, and I aim to inspire others to learn new things and step outside of their comfort zone (with hopefully a few chuckles along the way).


What you will find on this site:

Informative and interesting posts coupled with funny stories here and there! I aim to inspire and share information, but with a little twist of REALITY. You’ll hear about my mistakes, my goof-ups, my accidents, and really anything stupid or ridiculous that happens along the way! This may include goofy “outtake” sort of pictures. The internet is full of perfection, so hopefully my splash of goofy imperfection will keep you reading!