About Me

 Miranda Knudtson Hello! I’m Miranda Knudtson.

I’m a 20-something located in Racine, Wisconsin. I love traveling(duh), trying new things, experiencing cultures, and making people laugh in general.

Since internet marketing is part of my day job, I know there is a LOT of information swirling around the web. I aim to be as REAL and HONEST as possible, no matter where I am on the web. I’m a real person, so BUCKLE UP, because you’re going to get all of the sarcastic, awkward, sassy, and hot mess glory that is ME on this website and my social media pages.


I’m sure you’re wondering by now: my last name is pronounced “K-noot-son.” It’s Norwegian, and most definitely made up on Ellis Island.




Speaking of awkward, it’s common for you to see pictures like this:


You’ll find me post chuckle-worthy #InstagramFails, along with the ocassional sassy blog post. Really, it’s all in good fun, I make fun of myself most of the time.

My tagline, Misadventures Make Memories, is something I truly live by and want others to realize: though some things may go wrong during your travels, and in life in general, you can STILL have fun and have fantastic memories. This is something my mother instilled in me throughout my life, and I want to share this gem of knowledge with you all. So, on this journey, I’ll share all of my mistakes, goof-ups, accidents, and anything absolutely stupid I did.

Although I want you all to be truly entertained, I still aim to be informative on places and activities, and inspirational in encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone… even if it’s just a toe.


Oh, and if you’re out there on social, stop by and say hi to me! I’m on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest!


Credit to all images on this page goes to: Elizabeth Jean Photography LLC