5 Benefits of a Spa Day in at Calla Lily Spa in Aurora Illinois

Guys, it’s time to #TREATYOURSELF while on vacation! I believe it’s fully okay to splurge on one or two activities while on a trip, and why not make one of those things a spa day? Let me tell you five of the MANY benefits of a spa day at Calla Lily Spa in Aurora, Illinois.

Thank you to the Aurora Area Convention and Visitors Bureau for inviting me and Katie to have a luxurious pamper session at Calla Lily Spa. All opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

1.The aestheticians at Calla Lily Spa in Aurora Illinois are absolutely WONDERFUL.

If you’re going to splurge for a facial, scrub treatment, or massage in aurora, it’s natural that you would want fantastic employees working with you. The ladies we met were incredibly knowledgeable on the treatments in our package and talked us through the process at the beginning so we knew what to expect.

Besides being knowledgeable, these ladies were also incredibly sweet with a “go with the flow” attitude as well, which was absolutely perfect with our goofy comments throughout our spa morning!

2. Calla Lily Spa has exceptional products!

Wonderful products for a facial and massage in Aurora Illinois at

What goes hand in hand perfectly with knowledgeable aestheticians? Excellent products! You’re not going to find your typical drugstore or Sephora products here. We felt an immense difference in our skin both on our body and our face throughout the day. Our makeup lasted longer and acne was reduced. I never get these results with my own “pamper sesh” at home with sheet or clay masks!

What’s even better is that you can purchase some of these products after (or before out of excitement!) your spa session if you choose! They have an array of masks, body lotions, facial cleansers, scrubs, and even a fun spa section for kids. Or the young at heart, they were so colorful and had such fun names!

Colorful children's products for a spa day at Calla Lily Spa in Aurora Illinois

3. A massage and facial are incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.

Though, I’m sure you already know or could guess that! If you utilize your vacations to take some much needed down-time to relax, I’d definitely recommend a luxurious spa day with a massage in Aurora, Illinois.

Getting a massage in Aurora Illinois at Calla Lily Spa
Little burritos during the Chinese Herb Body Treatment

The spa package we received at Calla Lily Spa in Aurora, Illinois  was the Rose Garden Package. This included a scrub and mud treatment, express facial and 30 minute Chinese Herb Body Treatment. Truly, our skin all over got SO much love, we felt fantastic the rest of the day. Our skin was buttery soft the rest of the weekend—really couldn’t stop touching our legs!

As for rejuvenation, it was a perfect way for me to start of this month, after the rough month of April! A spa day rejuvenates you by boosting your overall mental health. I spent the entire two hours soaking in the moments and focusing on deep breathing. So much so, that I actually fell asleep for part of it!

4. Spa Days improve your mental health

Those that know me, know I’m all about promoting mental health awareness. So why not promote things that keep you in a HEALTHY state of mind?

I’ve always believed taking a vacation is good for your mental health, so why not solidify that having a massage on your trip to Aurora, Illinois? Having a massage at Calla Lily Spa removes the stress and anxiety by eliminating the pain and fatigue your muscles are holding onto.

To add onto this, the aestheticians at Calla Lily Spa in Aurora Illinois let you pick out the lotion scent during your massage treatment. Aromatherapy helps immensely with decreasing anxiety, stress, and helps to keep you calm. I chose lavender scented lotion for my massage, and it did WONDERS for my anxiety.

5. Spa days are great bonding experiences!

I love a great excuse to do literally anything with my bff, hence why I chose her for this trip! (Not to mention she took a ton of pictures for me, PROPS). The lovely aestheticians took us to the couples massage room so we could do our spa day together. If you’re even a bit uncomfortable having to get undressed for activities such as this, having a buddy, whether your significant other or a close friend, really helps make the experience more comfortable all around.

Calla Lily Spa also specializes in wedding parties. The bridal spa packages includes salon treatments such as getting your hair and nails done by the aestheticians, along with massage and scrub treatments. Absolutely perfect for a bachelorette party or right before your wedding!

Visit Calla Lily Salon and Spa in Aurora Illinois for a luxurious spa day and high tea.

Calla Lily in Aurora Illinois also has a Victorian Tea Room at the same location as their salon and spa. On my next weekend trip to Aurora, Illinois, I’ll be treating myself to high tea!

Visit Calla Lily Salon and Spa in Aurora Illinois for a luxurious spa day and high tea. #Midwesttravel #USA #USATravel #Illinois #Aurora #weekendtrip #spaday #luxurytravel

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