Enticing Food in Aurora Illinois to Make You Book That Trip

Recently, I took a quick weekend trip to Aurora, Illinoi for a wonderful weekend getaway with my best friend. Aurora is just west of Chicago and about 100 miles south of the Milwaukee area. Aurora has a little bit of everything to customize your weekend trip, BUT FIRST, let’s talk about my favorite subject.

The food.

Thank you to the Aurora Area Convention and Visitors Bureau for inviting me out for a visit to this beautiful (and delicious) city! All opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

Brunching in Aurora

The Turf Room

Location: 7033 Kilbery Lane, North Aurora

If brunch is the lifestyle you’re after, do I have a special treat for you! Come visit The Turf Room on Sundays for their brunch special and immerse yourself in a classy experience. Brunch at The Turf Room is buffet style and they serve both breakfast and lunch items.

Pace yourself here, this restaurant in Aurora is sure to have your belly filled and plate emptied QUICKLY.

The Turf Room is one of the best restaurants in Aurora Illinois because of their delicious brunch buffet

There is a carving station available to you, with delicious prime rib and horseradish cream sauce. Along with various hot dishes such as sausage & bacon, wontons, meatballs, quiche, and more! They switch up every week, too.

The Turf Room is one of the best restaurants in Aurora Illinois because of their delicious brunch buffet featuring these strawberry waffles from their waffle station.

You can even find a delightful waffle station: whipped from scratch butter, home made whip cream, strawberries, peaches, chocolate chips. Turn your breakfast into dessert!

They also had an omelet station, salads, pasta salads, breads, desserts, and pastries. Fortunately, the desserts are in small portion sizes so you can taste as many as you want. Practically guilt-free!

More Breakfast? Lunch? Cafe Dining?

Endiro Coffee has all three!

Location: 29 W New York St, Aurora

Endiro Coffee in Aurora has a cafe-like atmosphere, and includes a full menu! Grab a coffee and relax on the patio during summer, order waffles or eggs, or a sandwich of your choice.

Endiro is one of the best Aurora restaurants. Have a fresh latte, delicious breakfast meal, or lunch dish from this restaurant in Aurora Illinois

Shown above we ordered: Fruity Morning (bowl of fresh seasonal fruit, yogurt, and granola), Balsamic Portobello Roll with a side of seasonal veggies, a chai latte and sticky bun latte, and Breakthrough & Cleanser (not shown) FRESH juices!

Dine with a Unique Twist at this Aurora Restaurant:

Hardware Gastropub

Location: 2000 W Orchard Rd, North Aurora

I say Hardware Gastropub is unique because it’s a sustainable restaurant in Aurora, Illinois. They grow produce year-round in their greenhouse; EVERY leafy green and herb you see is grown right on property! They have a garden and micro orchard on the property where they grow fruits and nuts, as well as a 1.5 acre hop farm for their brewery!

That’s not all, folks. My personal favorite sustainability feature that Hardware offers: They use a well that goes into and underground aquifer that goes into production for their brewery and irrigation, AND they reclaim roof water for irrigation in the greenhouse and patio garden. Seriously, more restaurants need to get on this level.

Now, if you’re not already impressed with this Aurora restaurant (which, ahem, you should be), let me show you some food.

Hardware Gastropub is a beautiful, sustainable restaurant in Aurora Illinois. Try this delicious gin cocktail at one of the best restaurants in Aurora Illinois
Specialty Cocktail with gin and blueberry lemongrass simple syrup
Hardware Gastropub is a beautiful, sustainable Aurora restaurant. Try the wagyu flat iron at this Aurora Restaurant.
Wagyu Flat Iron with nori flakes, scallion, sesamo pesto
and sticky rice
Hardware Gastropub is a beautiful, sustainable Aurora restaurant.
Dessert Charcuterie Board

I’m a sucker for a pretty drink, though I got lucky that it happened to also be pink! The Wagyu—-definitely recommend if you’re a steak lover. Yes, I know, you’re welcome.

This dessert charcuterie board, though, SO adorable and SO delicious. I absolutely love the creativity and thought that went into this dish. From left to right you’ll find graham cracker cookie, nougat “sausage” that had peanuts on the outside, chocolate “salami” (very fudge-like), candied bacon, and banana pot de crème. I’m not sure how I went 25 years without having candied bacon; it’s really best of both worlds. Bacon and sugar. How much more American and perfect can a treat get?

Drinks in Aurora Illinois

I can’t possibly show you delicious restaurants in Aurora Illinois and leave you stranded when it came to drinks! That would be wicked.

Two Brothers Roundhouse

Two Brothers Roundhouse is a great Aurora restaurant to have a beer, latte, or delicious craft cocktail
Strawberry Matcha Latte & PB fudge brownie

Location: 205 N Broadway, Aurora

The Two Brothers building is basically a one stop shop, as in it’s absolutely MASSIVE and has everything you could need. Two Brothers Roundhouse is a full service brewpub restaurant, music venue and banquet space for large-scale events. It also has Two Brothers Cafe (where I had my latte) and Beer Bar. They roast their own coffee AND brew their own beer. We really loved the casual late-night setting of the cafe. They stop making drinks at 10 PM, but you can still hangout with your beverages in the comfy chairs and play some board games.

Gillerson’s Grubbery

Location: 33 W New York St, Aurora

Gillerson’s Grubbery is a terrific restaurant in downtown Aurora Illinois that’s perfect not only for dinner, but to try one of the many choices of craft beer in this area. I always love a restaurant in any downtown locations because all of the fantastic events and hustle and bustle that happens in a downtown area! Starting off our weekend trip in Aurora Illinois at Gillerson’s Grubbery was the perfect first move.

Festival Foods

The Food Truck Festival in downtown Aurora serves some of the best food in Aurora
Chicken Tacos from Burritoville food truck

This is an honorary section for the Food Truck Festival that happens yearly in downtown Aurora. It’s absolutely huge considering around 34 food trucks come to Aurora for this event! Take your pick from pizza, burgers, dim sum, tacos, burritos, pierogis, lobster, coffee, ice cream… you name it, they have a truck with this delicious food! If you’re aiming to visit Aurora in the springtime, it’s definitely worth it to plan around this festival if your schedule allows it!

Which place are you MOST excited to visit on your next weekend trip to Aurora Illinois?!

Try 5 of the best restaurants in Aurora Illinois during your Aurora weekend trip.


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