2nd Year with a Blog = Another Year of Blogging Fails

Ohhhh you guys already know what this means! On my 1 year blogaversary, I wrote about all of my hilariously awkward blogging fails. I thought it’d be fun to keep this tradition going…for however long I decide to keep this up. Let’s be real, nobody really cares what blogging has taught me right? All you or anyone else wants to see are the even WORSE outtakes than what I’ve already posted.

So… here you go. You’re welcome.

1. Getting STUCK trying to crawl through a child-size barrel – August

From April through December, Downtown puts on monthly “First Fridays” events. Perfect for socializing, checking out local businesses, and…shenanigans. I checked out the Racine Heritage Museum for fun, and got caught up in a little TOO much fun. For the record, there was a sign telling me to try crawling through the barrel. Probably for small children, but I thought I’d give it a try. Alas, I got stuck and hit my head.

2. Can’t stop talking with Packy the Elephant – September

So, I’m always talking. Apparently that never stops with pictures.

In September, I met Packy the Elephant from the Racine Theatre Guild at Party on the Pavement, another big downtown block party event. Let’s face it, Wisconsin locals love to party! Packy is actually the mascot at RTG for children’s plays and musicals, called “Packy Plays.” I’ve been to countless Packy Plays growing up, so even at 24 years old, it was pretty cool to meet Packy in person! He seemed a lot shorter than I remembered…. hmm.

3. Posing terribly, like always. – October

How do those beautiful blogger women pose nicely by a pretty wall mural? I’m still trying to figure out their secret.

Yes, I am pulling up my leggings in this shot. No, please don’t try to zoom in to see my face.

4. Angry Pumpkin – October

Another glorious outtake where Miranda looks mad as hell holding a pumpkin. Can you tell photoshoots aren’t my thing? I grabbed this pumpkin and got a nice, fat chunk of mud smeared on my hand. Had to flip it to check the bottom to better strategically place my hand. Guys, I’m forever a mess.

5. Surprise Flash – October

So clearly, October was a bit of a mess for me. Also, I can’t handle the camera flash in small dark bars. WHOOPS.

6. Strong drink? – December

When trying to take another infamous Miranda-sipping-on-a-drink picture, I learned this pretty drink really packed a punch. A SOUR punch. Here’s an extremely caught off guard Miranda proclaiming the big punch of liquor I took from this drink. Deceivingly delicious.

7. Birthday Fail in February

Out and about in New Orleans, trying to post for a birthday pic with this cocktail and… dropped something down my dress? Awkward as usual.

8. Hot and Juicy Burger – March

The juicy burger dripped onto my hand and burned me on a lovely mother-daughter lunch date. My mom laughed after this picture and said “So glad I got this!” ….Thanks mom. Thanks.

#PicsOrItDidn’tHappen Yep this isn’t an April Fool’s joke! I really am this awkward in real life.

Needless to say, the internet is too often filled with “perfection” which is why I really enjoy writing these posts. Life is SO much more than pretty murals, thrilling adventures, and fun meet ups. It’s getting burned by burger juice, dropping shit down my dress, and forever having to pull up my pants. Here’s to year three of having a blog!


  1. Love them! I too, have yet to figure out how bloggers and social media influences get the perfect shot every time! It seems like the harder I try, the worse they turn out! Here’s to the girls keeping it real!

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