New Orleans Restaurant Bucket List | 15 Places to Eat in New Orleans

Let’s just say eating is what I do best, and one of my favorite parts of going on a trip is eating and drinking all of the delicious and pretty beverages and foods. Fortunately, I was with other lovely ladies who also really appreciate eating on our long weekend in New Orleans. Take a gander at this New Orleans Restaurant bucket list I created out of all the bars, cafes, and restaurants in New Orleans that we visited.

Brunch in New Orleans

St. Roch Market

Location: 2381 St Claude Ave

St. Roch Market is a fantastic place to brunch in New Orleans. Located in Bywater in New Orleans, you'll love the variety you get at this new orleans restaurant

It was a unanimous decision that ALL four of us loved St. Roch Market in the Bywater District of New Orleans! St. Roch is a food hall with 12 vendors all serving food fit for breakfast or lunch. You can find a variety of cuisines at St. Roch Market: Egyptian, Mexican, Haitian street food, Mediteranean/New Orleans fusion, seafood, classic southern dishes, and more!

Polly’s Bywater Cafe

Location: 3325 St Claude Ave

Polly’s Bywater cafe is such a cozy and adorable restaurant, and it’s perfect to enjoy brunch or lunch in New Orleans. It was the first restaurant we visited, and the Eggs Bywater with grits was so die for. Of course, you can’t forget bottomless bellinis and mimosas!


Location: 310 Chartres St

Sobou is one of the best new orleans restaurants, and possibly the best place to brunch in new orleans

If you ignore EVERYTHING on this list except for one, I really, truly HOPE TO GOD this is the one restaurant in New Orleans you pick in this food guide. On ONE condition… you visit Sobou during their Legs and Eggs Burlesque Brunch. You get a three course breakfast: appetizer, entree, dessert, and the price is dependent on the main dish you choose. Burlesque dancing is a huge part of New Orleans history and culture, as it was a burlesque hot spot from the 1940s – 1960s. What better way to experience New Orleans culture than to add food to the experience?

Dinner in New Orleans

The Gumbo Shop

Location: 630 St Peter

The Gumbo Shop is one of the best french quarter restaurants to get authentic Louisiana gumbo, if not one of the best restaurants in New orleans
Jambalaya (left) and Gumbo from The Gumbo Shop

I am quite positive you can’t go to New Orleans and not try gumbo or Jambalaya! Our first stop for dinner in New Orleans was at The Gumbo Shop, which had RAVE reviews. There was a bit of a line, but fortunately it only lasted 10 minutes. Nearly everyone that passed us said the gumbo was phenomenal. With all of the delicious spices in the gumbo and jambalaya, it’s without a doubt one of the best french quarter restaurants!

Three Muses

Location: 536 Frenchman St

Frenchman Street isn’t only good for live jazz music; it definitely has some of the best restaurants in New Orleans! Three Muses offers smaller dishes that are typically meant to be shared in a group, but you can keep for yourself if you really fall in love. We got the cheese plate, naturally, lobster lemongrass rangoons, gulf fish tacos, baked mac & cheese, and Ms. Moon’s bulgogi rice bowl. All were phenomenal, and we left with happy bellies!

The Maison

Location: 508 Frenchman St

The Maison is a delicious New orleans restaurant that offers phenomenal authentic Louisiana cajun cuisine!
alligator bites

The Maison was one of my top three favorite restaurants in New Orleans that we visited. It’s a restaurant/bar/event venue located in the French Quarter; so you KNOW the live music choices are fantastic. We stopped by here for drinks and music with some light appetizers.

The alligator bites shown above are NOT as scary as you think, I pinky promise! These bites from The Maison are fried [ground] meat with cajun spices and a delicious cajun sauce.

NOLA Restaurant by Emeril Lagasse

Location: 534 St Louis St

NOLA Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in New Orleans and offers delicious traditional New orleans cajun style cuisine
cajun style frog legs

For my birthday dinner, I made reservations for our group to eat at NOLA Restaurant, one of Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants in New Orleans. There are four in the area, and NOLA Restaurant is one of the cheaper options. They offer delicious dishes with all the different flavors of New Orleans! Shown above are their frog legs, which I 100% recommend. The crispy breading they used was perfect with all of the cajun spices. My only issue was that it wasn’t a bigger plate with more of them!

Cafes and Coffee Shops in New Orleans

The Orange Couch

Location: 2339 Royal Street

The Orange Couch is a super modern new orleans cafe and possibly one of the best coffeeshops in new orleans! The vietnamese ice coffee and mochi ice cream are delicious

The Orange Couch is a cute little cafe located in the Bywater District. It’s a super chic and modern cafe, with a beautiful orange couch in the center of the coffeeshop. (Surprised?) It was clear that The Orange Couch is one of the popular coffeeshops in New Orleans as almost every table was full! My recommendation? Try the Vietnamese iced coffee—-you’re welcome!

Flora Gallery & Coffee Shop

Location: 2600 Royal Street

Flora Gallery & Coffee Shop is an adorable cafe full of New Orleans quirky vibes. Have one of their delicious pastries and enjoy all of the quirky signs, pretty masquerade masks and take in the atmosphere.

Envie Espresso Bar & Cafe

Location: 1241 Decatur St

A cafe in New Orleans that ALSO has a bar! This coffeeshop is open a bit later than most other cafes. Come in for some snacks, a delicious beverage, and even a caffeinated pick me up so you can party the rest of the night away!

Cafe du Monde

Location: 800 Decatur St

Cafe du Monde is the most iconic and well known cafe in New Orleans, and definitely worth a shot! Get the beignets to share and a frozen coffee.

Can you SEE that mound of sugar on these beignets? Cafe du Monde is an iconic stop for beignets and coffee in New Orleans, but there are other cafes you can visit either as an alternative to Cafe du Monde, or you can try them all and decide for yourself which cafe in New Orleans offers the best beignets! Nothing wrong with a delicious foodie challenge while on vacation.

New Orleans Bars and Breweries

Courtyard Brewery

Location: 1020 Erato St

Courtyard Brewery in the Garden District in New orleans is one of the best places to grab a drink in New Orleans!

As a Wisconsin girl, a brewery is necessary to add to a list on New Orleans bars and drinks! After an INCREDIBLY long walk along Magazine Street, we rewarded ourself with beer! You can take the girls out of Wisconsin…but you can’t take the Wisconsin out of the girls! Courtyard Brewery is a fantastic choice for a midafternoon beer. They have a draft list of 29 beers from IPAs, lagers, ales, stouts, and fruit beers. Everyone is guaranteed to find a drink they like!


Location: 337 Chartres St

Add Kingfish to your New Orleans bars bucket list! Kingfish has a laid back atmosphere with classy cocktails
Left to Right: Gardenhead, French Pearl, Bonnabel

Kingfish is chic cocktail bar located in the French Quarter. We stumbled upon this NOLA gem while wandering, and we were so glad we did! This New Orleans bar features classic and original cocktails, along with New Orleans favorites such as the Sazerac!

Willie’s Chicken Shack

Location: 707 Canal St

There are multiple locations of Willie’s Chicken Shack (one on Bourbon Street too!), but we visited the one on Canal Street that was closest to the Sprint store. (More about why we were in the Sprint store later…) Now, Willie’s Chicken Shack is in the drinks section of this New Orleans restaurant bucket list because we had some of their fabulous DAQUIRIS! Pina colada, strawberry, and blue raspberry. I personally can’t speak for their chicken, but 10/10 would recommend their daquiris.

Three Muses

Location: 536 Frenchman St

Try The Muse or the margarita at Three Muses on Frenchman Street in the french quarter in New Orleans. The Muse is one of the best restaurants in New Orleans and has some of the best drinks in the french quarter

As mentioned above, The Muse is also a fantastic place for drinks in New Orleans! Even if you’ve already eaten, hang out at the bar, order one of their DELICIOUS drinks, and enjoy the beautiful jazz music that Frenchman Street is famous for. Try their namesake drink: The Muse, shown above. The Muse has gin, elderflower liqueur, blueberry and lime. You won’t regret popping into this bar in the french quarter!

Bourbon Street Bars

The Hurricane from Pat O'briens on Bourbon Street in New Orleans is one of New Orleans iconic drinks! Have some fun at the Bourbon Street bars in New Orleans
Pat O’brien’s Hurricanes

A list on New Orleans bars would NOT be complete if I didn’t at least mention any of the Bourbon Street bars. Pat O’Briens and Tropical Isle are two popular bars to get the iconic New Orleans drinks: The Hurricane and the Hand Grenade. Both have probably way too much alcohol for one drink and way too much sugar, but they are certainly going to start your evening in New Orleans on an interesting note! If you want the inside scoop, the real deal on Bourbon street and what it’s like, I spill the beans in my New Orleans weekend guide.


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