Racine Food Guide: Finding the Cheesiest Mac & Cheese in Racine Wisconsin

I have NO SHAME in my mac & cheese game. If you’re here to judge a 24 year old woman and her obsession with mac & cheese, kindly leave. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life. Most, if not all, of my friends know that if there is mac & cheese on the menu, there’s no doubt I’m going to order it. You might even call me a mac & cheese connoisseur of sorts… I mean you should if you don’t already. So, the best way to put my obsession (errr. expertise) to good use is to direct my fellow cheese lover to some delightful restaurants that serve mac & cheese in Racine Wisconsin.

Baked Mac & Cheese at Roberta

If you're wondering where to eat in Racine WI, put Roberta in downtown Racine on your list! The baked mac and cheese at Robert in Racine Wisconsin is one of the best Wisconsin mac n cheese.

Roberta is a fairly new restaurant to Racine; it opened December 2018. I’m sure this will come of no surprise to most people: it was absolutely necessary that my first dish be their baked mac and cheese. Oh, if you could only see the beautiful cheese pull that I experienced with my first bite into this cheesey noodle pile. It was glorious and at least over 12 inches long of gooey goodness. This mac dish includes mozzarella, cheddar, and smoked provolone. 

Location: 322 6th St

Third Coast

Though they’re known for their wood-fired pizzas, Third Coast makes a MEAN mac & cheese dish, too! Treat yourself to their Adult Mac & Cheese: four glorious cheese blend, topped with more parmesan, green onions, smoked gouda, and grilled chicken. If you order this, you better come hungry! This creamy, cheese delicacy comes in a massive bowl. (And it’s also the perfect leftover meal).

Location: 207 Gas Light Cir

Mackin’ Cheese at Toad Hall

One of the best restaurants in Racine Wisconsin is Toad Hall. Try the mac and cheese at Toad Hall in downtown Racine when wondering where to eat in Racine Wisconsin.

Some local Racinians might kill me for this one.. but I really just discovered the wonders of Toad Hall. How had I never had dinner here before?! Their menu is EXTENSIVE, and their sassy descriptions are hilarious.

It’s probably one of the CHEESIEST mac & cheese I’ve ever tasted. But it’s not for no reason, though! This mac has FIVE cheeses: cheddar, monterey jack, gruyere, herbed goat cheese, and parmesan. Shaved parmesan is one of my favorites, (so much so, I could eat it out of the bag. Yes I’m THAT much Wisconsin). You can top their mac with bacon, chicken (grilled, fried, OR buffalo style), or chili. I had to try the classic mac, but you can bet I’ll add buffalo chicken on top for my next visit!

Location: 611 Wisconsin Ave

Bacon Mac & Cheese at Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery

Ivanhoe Pub in downtown Racine has the best and cheesiest mac and cheese in Wisconsin. Ivanhoe is one of the best restaurants in Racine Wisconsin.

Another vote for a bacon mac! I feel like bacon and mac & cheese go together like… salt and pepper. PB & J. Milk & cookies. Coffee & donuts. Especially if the bacon is crispy, like it is at Ivanhoe Pub. You really can’t go wrong!

Location: 231 Main St

Brew House Mac & Cheese at Reefpoint Brewhouse

Yet another cheesy lake view!  The mac & cheese at Reefpoint Brewhouse is pretty customizable, starting off with your choice of white cheddar or jalapeño cheese sauce. My advice? Take a chance on the jalapeño. It truly brings the dish to life, plus it’s not set-your-mouth-on-fire-and-die level of spicy. Just an interesting level of spicy! It’s topped with toasted bread crumbs which always adds a nice crunch. I usually nix any extra add-ons the first time I try a classic mac, y’know, to get a TRUE feel for how the dish tastes. You can top this mac with smoked chicken, pork, or beef brisket and a wide variety of vegetables.

Location: 2 Christopher Columbus Causeway

Bacon Mac & Cheese at Butcher & Barrel Gastropub

Butcher and Barrel Gastropub in downtown Racine has the best and cheesiest mac and cheese in Wisconsin. Butcher and Barrel Gastropub is one of the best restaurants in Racine Wisconsin.
Photo Credit: Real Racine

You want a delicious and classy mac? Head downtown to this gastropub: a supper club with a modern vibe to it. The prices reflect that this is slightly higher end restaurant, perfect for date night, but it won’t break the bank! It’s worth ditching the hoodie and shabby old shoes.

So what makes this mac classy, you ask? Besides delicious pieces of bacon on top (and who doesn’t love a solid bacon and cheese combo?), this mac is made with white cheddar and [smoked] gouda cheese. I always love a good comfort food dish that really gets creative with different types of cheese.

Pro Tip: Order one of their signature cocktails to really amp up that classy vibe.

Location: 300 6th St

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The only food guide for Racine Wisconsin (USA) you'll ever need. These are the top restaurants in Racine serving the best mac and cheese.


  1. Damn you, Miranda! I’m trying to eat healthier and drop a few pounds before the Gulf Shores next month, and here you come trotting out this AMAZING looking mac ‘n cheese. There goes any chance of steamed veggies or salad tonight and 100% chance I’ve got this pinned for my next trip to your neck of the Midwest! Yum!!! (PS I’m already addicted to kringle thanks to you!)

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