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I’ve been ALL about supporting local businesses lately (even have a goal to purchase 75% of my Christmas gifts from local businesses!), and I’d love to really give a shout out to some local Wisconsin made products that would be perrrrrfect as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and even just because gifts! If you’re anything like me, you see something and think, “OH! So-and-so would love that!” because it just screeeeeeams their name.  (Because t-shirts and candles can definitely talk if you listen well enough.)  I’m adding a variety here, some will be Wisconsin and local pride items, while others will be handmade items! In this Wisconsin made gift guide, I’ll be showcasing local businesses that are located in Milwaukee, Racine, and even Wisconsin/midwest wide! (Some are definitely on the delicious side….yes, it’s food. No please don’t eat the soap or lick the candles.)

I am in no way affiliated with these brands, I just love ’em to pieces and have purchased from them either for myself or others (or also have them on my Christmas list!)


 The Midwest Girl

The Midwest Girl | Wisconsin gift ideas | Wisconsin made products | Wisconsin made gifts | Wisconsin gifts
Credit to: The Midwest Girl

I absolutely LOVE The Midwest Girl’s clothing! Their t-shirts are super soft and seriously high quality. The owners are two sisters from small-town Wisconsin who currently live in Iowa; so of course they have TONS of Wisconsin-pride clothing (and awesome “Midwesty” items as well!). They put their heart into it, and if you follow their social accounts, you’ll read about all the stories that helped create each product! Though the brand says “girl” in the title, they also have products for your Midwesty Men and children on their site as well!


 Beer Me

Beer Me Candles | Wisconsin gift ideas | Wisconsin made products | Wisconsin made gifts | Wisconsin gifts
Credit to: Beer Me Candles

This Wisconsin made gift is for the MEN out there (of course, ladies too. It’s a free country). Beer Me is candle company run by men. They created a candle line with more traditionally manly scents, since most candle companies out there cater to women. Their candles are made in recycled beer bottles, and they have various scents such as Leather, IPA, Whiskey, Firewood, and Bacon. They’re all very true to scent, and man, that bacon candle is drool worthy!


 Milwaukee Home

Milwaukee Home | Wisconsin gift ideas | Wisconsin made products | Wisconsin made gifts | Wisconsin gifts
Credit to: Milwaukee Home

Originally began as a gift for a friend, Milwaukee Home as turned into a popular Wisconsin made brand to showcase your Milwaukee Pride! They offer a variety of products from t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, leggings, hats, and even kid’s items! If you live nearby, they have a storefront you can stop in and check out! (Address below). They might have some items that you can find only in the store *wink*

Location: 159 Jackson St, Suite 101


 Cake My Day

Cake My Day | Wisconsin gift ideas | Wisconsin made products | Wisconsin made gifts | Wisconsin gifts | Wisconsin made baked goods

Yes, here is the one you can eat! Cake My Day is a local business (Racine) that makes baked treats! The owners are two women from Argentina, and they specialize in making Alfajores (shown above), which are little cookie sandwiches made of a delicious soft shortbread with a dulce de leche center! They also make beautiful pies, cakes, and other cookies, as well. Remember, food is ALWAYS an acceptable gift!


 Perennial Soaps

Perennial Soaps is a Wisconsin made product located in Racine Wisconsin
Credit to: Perennial Soaps

Soap that smells so delicious that you will want to eat it, but please save your hunger for the Alfajores above. But you can do your momma proud and use these soaps to wash your hands before you eat!

Really though, these soaps are especially cool because besides being handmade and local to Racine Wisconsin, they are vegan AND cruelty free. This means all of their products (which is so much more than just soap bars!) are plant-based, have absolutely NO palm oil in them, and chemical free! I know, I can practically hear you cheering on the other end of the screen.

Plus, peep those COLORS.


 Cuatro Uno Cuatro 

Cuatro Uno Cuatro is a Wisconsin made product made in Milwaukee, showcasing Latino culture and Wisconsin pride
Credit to: Cuatro Uno Cuatro

Cuatro Uno Cuatro is a new brand to help you showcase your Milwaukee pride! It’s super fun, and I love that it’s a unique play on Milwaukee’s area code (414). One of my favorite things about Milwaukee is all of the different cultures mingling, and the owners Ivan & Caitlin agree! They began Cuatro Uno Cuatro as a way to combine Milwaukee pride as well as an awesome way to showcase the Latino culture in this city.



Artery Ink is a Wisconsin made product focused on wellness. Artery Ink is the perfect Wisconsin gift idea for Christmas or birthdays.
Credit to: Artery Ink

I need to make a confession: I was thrilled when I first heard about this brand from a friend; it really brings out the nerd in me! They create a range of products from t-shirts, prints, greeting cards, and stickers that encourage inspire others to learn more about our bodies! They draw anatomical organs such as kidneys, heart, lungs, and liver (to name a few), and they work with a local naturopathic doctor to make sure their facts(on the back of the prints!) are correct. You might even find a “Heart of Milwaukee” print, which features drawings of popular Milwaukee landscapes inside an anatomically shaped heart!



DoNorth | Wisconsin gift ideas | Wisconsin made products | Wisconsin made gifts | Wisconsin gifts
Credit to: doNorth

A Wisconsin outdoor style brand, doNorth is run by two women who love adventure as much as they love comfort. From tees, long-sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, hats, mugs, and more, they’ve all got an outdoorsy north woods vibe to them. I’m pretty obsessed with the mint heartbeat long-sleeve and the wild one sweatshirt. (Hint hint secret admirers?)


 Paintings by Carly Wo

Paintings by CarlyWo | Wisconsin gift ideas | Wisconsin made products | Wisconsin made gifts | Wisconsin gifts

Carly Worrell creates magnificent and vibrant acrylic pour art pieces. She’ll either leave the acrylic pour as is or paint other designs on top (lettering, trees, flowers, people, animals, you name it!) She pours the acrylic paint over a variety of items from canvas, phone cases, tiles (pictured above, that I use as coasters in my apartment!), and even other items (such as this really cool skull). She does commission based projects as well, if you want her designs on an item of yours, or if you want her to bring one of your ideas to life!




Now tell me… who all are you buying Wisconsin made gifts for?


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