25 Days of Christmas: Instagram Story Challenge

I’m starting this off by saying I just loved and was so incredibly inspired by JMatt’s story challenge he created to bring awareness to mental health. I’m a huge advocate of mental health, and it was a fantastic growth opportunity for me to show that side of me on Instagram. I just loved the challenge idea, so I figured my mild (*cough extreme) obsession with Christmas would be perfect for December. (ALTHOUGH mine is December specific – you can start up JMatt’s mental health challenge ANY time.)

If it hasn’t been obvious, Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. Everybody is always happy during this time of year, since Kwanzaa and Hanukkah also occur during December. I’m just so in love with happy people and solid holiday cheer.

To prep for some Christmas fun, I decided to create this 25 Days of Christmas Instagram story challenge! We’re starting December FIRST, and I’d love for you to join me! Tag me in your stories (IG handle @mirandaknudtson) so I can follow along! What a fun way to countdown to Christmas!

25 Days of Christmas: Instagram Story Challenge


1. What Christmas traditions do you have?

2. What really gets you into the Christmas spirit?

3. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?

4. How early do you decorate for Christmas?

5. Do you own a Christmas sweater? (Show us if you do!!)

6. What was the best present you received?

7. What was the worst(or funniest?) present you received?

8. List three words that best describe Christmas for you.

9. When did you stop believing in Santa? (Or do you still believe?!)

10. What is your favorite Christmas movie?

11. What is an OVERRATED Christmas movie?

12. What is an a-typical/unusual Christmas tradition your family has?

13. How early do you shop for Christmas presents for others?

14. Where do you celebrate Christmas? At home or out of town?

15. Do you own a real or artificial tree?

16. Have you ever regifted a Christmas (or birthday!) gift?

17. If you could have one wish granted at Christmas, what would it be?

18. Which store would you never want a present from?

19. What’s the ugliest Christmas ornament you’ve ever seen?

20. Show us your Christmas tree! (It’s five days away….it should be up by now!)

21. What’s a favorite Christmas memory from your childhood that has stuck with you throughout the years?

22. What is your favorite Christmas song?

23. What’s your favorite Christmas memory to date?

24. What is your FIRST memory of Christmas?

25. Here’s an easy one: Share your favorite Christmas meme. Give us a laugh!

BONUS Q (December 26): What was the best gift you’ve received this year and gifted this year?



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