Perfect Autumn Activities in Racine Wisconsin

My summer bucket list was suuuper popular so I decided to create a somewhat similar, tweaked version for autumn! I’ll be sharing a few perfect autumn activities in Racine Wisconsin because who doesn’t love the pretty colors, pumpkin spice, and crisp evening bonfires?? You’ll see a selection of activities and events happening around Racine; some of these are my long time favorites and traditions, and others are brand new that I’m absolutely stoked to do this year!

I’ll admit, my favorite season is summer. I just love warm weather, being outside 24/7 even if I’m a sweaty mess (except any day above 90 can leave #ByeFelicia). Autumn is gorgeous, but I just wish the leaves stayed that golden yellow and fiery red longer! Anything below 45 F makes me freeze my booty off, but it’s *maybe* worth it if I have a hot pumpkin spice latte or hot cider in my hand and some best friends to laugh with.

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Some of these autumn activities are autumn and halloween themed, and others are general exciting events that are happening during this season. I’m hoping this is a nice variety to hit everyone’s interests! Though most people know of Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm, Land of the Giants, and Apple Holler as traditional fall activities, you’d be surprised how many activities and events happen in fall in Racine Wisconsin!

And guys, please forgive me as I may interchange fall and autumn since I grew up saying fall. pleasedon’tkillme.


1. Party on the Pavement

When?! September 22, from 12 – 7 PM 

Where?! Main Street & 6th Street in Downtown Racine! 

I have SO much fun at Party on the Pavement every year, it’s absolutely essential to add it to this list! If you’re not from the area or interested in visiting, Party on the Pavement is basically a giant block party in downtown Racine, and the entire city is invited! There’s live music all along main street, games and carnival rides, tons and TONS of food and drinks, and vendors all along the street. It’s a perfect day to get to know the businesses of Racine and have a brew or two with your friends and family!


2. Great Lakes Brew Fest – Racine Zoo

9 Perfect autumn activities in Racine Wisconsin | things to do in fall in racine | fall events in racine wisconsin | autumn events in racine wisconsin | things to do in racine in autumn

When?! September 15, from 3 – 6:30 PM

Where?! Racine Zoo @ 200 Goold St in Racine, WI 

The Racine Zoo is hosting Great Lakes Brew Fest… southeastern Wisconsin’s LARGEST beer festival! Tickets cost between $50 and $90, depending on if you want general admission or a

VIP ticket (which gets you early entry!) With your tickets, you get unlimited sampling of beers and hard ciders/sodas. In total, there are 450 different samples from 100 breweries! See why it’s the largest?! There are also tons of cool vendors at this fest as well as Milwaukee’s best food trucks! It’s a win/win/win.

They also offer tons of transportation options, so there really is NO EXCUSE for drinking & driving. DON’T DO IT. DON’T BE THAT IDIOT. [*gets off soap box*]

  • Coach Bus services from Waukesha, Milwaukee East Side/Bayview, Sheboygan/Cedarburg
  • Bus from Monument Square (Racine) or Delta Hotel (Racine)
  • Bus from Kenosha
  • N/E Illinois: McHenry and Lake County
  • Uber/Lift is ALWAYS an option.
  • Call a friend, your mom, your grandpa, a cousin, even your boss or coworker.

3. Franksville Food Truck Fest

When?! September 7 & 8. Friday Hours: 4 PM – 9 PM. Saturday Hours: 10 AM – 9 PM

Where?! Caledonia – Mt. Pleasant Memorial Park, 9416 Northwestern Ave, Franksville, WI

This is Franksville’s first food truck fest, and they’re going to have around 10 food trucks for you to choose from for your snacks and munchies! Available food choices are brats, culver’s ice cream, tacos, sushi, bbq and SO much more! My goal is hitting up the fest on Saturday to eat my heart out!

The Franksville Craft Beer Garden will also be open during this event, so you can grab a delicious brew to go with. I’m sure they will have some great recommendations to pair with whatever snack you choose! There will also be live music during the evenings and a classic car show on Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM!

4. Boo at the Zoo – Racine Zoo

When?! October 27 from 9 am – 4 PM

Where?! Racine Zoo @ 200 Goold St in Racine, WI 

Though I’ve never been to this event, I might make an effort to drag my boyfriend’s sister & her son to this. (Which, let’s be honest, won’t be much of a “drag” since they’ll love to go!) He’ll be two years old at this time, and he’d get such a kick out of all the crafts, candies, snacks and more! The only cost for this event is the regular zoo admission: $8 for adults, $7 seniors, and $6 kids (ages 3 – 15).


5. Oktoberfest at the Beer Garden – Franksville Craft Beer Garden

9 Perfect autumn activities in Racine Wisconsin | things to do in fall in racine | fall events in racine wisconsin | autumn events in racine wisconsin | things to do in racine in autumn

When?! September 27 – 30

Where?! Franksville Craft Beer Garden, 9614 Northwestern Ave, in Franksville, WI

They are pulling out all the stops for the first Oktoberfest celebration! Rebel Grace will be performing on September 29. There are tons of activities happening such as stein hoisting, hammerschlagen, games and activities for kids as well as 20-30 Oktoberfest/fall beers, brats and pretzels. There’s so much going these few days, you reaaaaally ought to come. And maybe you’ll find me here!

Plus an awesome bonus? 15% of sales goes back to our local parks and recreation department! Live local and support local!


6. Treat yourself to a caramel apple from Borzynski’s Farm & Floral Market

Location: 11600 Washington Ave. Mount Pleasant, WI 53177

Located on HWY 20, it’s super easy to get to Borzynski’s Market from the interstate. Visiting Borzynski’s Market is a long time tradition in our household! One of my favorite autumn activities in Racine is getting a caramel apple from Borzynski’s! You get to pick an apple of your choice, choose whether you want it whole or sliced, they add the caramel, and THEN you can choose your toppings from a buffet of choices. Sprinkles, oreo crumbles, various nuts, m&ms, reeses pieces, you name it! My preference is a fuji apple, sliced, because they put an enormous amount of caramel on top in your bowl. I’d recommend sharing, unless you’re up for the sugary challenge. It’s really the perfect apple to caramel ratio; Borzynski’s is the best place to get this treat.


7. Scream your head off at the Abandoned Haunted House Complex!

9 Perfect autumn activities in Racine Wisconsin | things to do in fall in racine | fall events in racine wisconsin | autumn events in racine wisconsin | things to do in racine in autumn

Full disclosure: I dislike scary things, it’s really just me, I may end up crying or peeing my pants (yes you can laugh just this once..), so I avoid it!

Location: 2825 SE Frontage Road, Mount Pleasant, WI 53177

I’ve heard GREAT things about this place throughout the years, so I really do feel comfortable recommending it in this section. Plus, I’m aware there are people out there who love getting scared and adore everything spooky. I’ve known people who have worked here, and they really go all out and put their heart and soul into this haunted house! Their costumes and makeup look great, and they are super passionate about Halloween! It’s been noted it’s one of the best haunted houses in Wisconsin; truly worth going to if you love spookiness!


8. Get a delicious taste of autumn at The Rush Coffee & Juice Bar!

Location: 321 Main St, Racine, WI

If you don’t know already, The Rush is an adorable little coffee shop in downtown Racine, right on Main St. They come up with super unique smoothies and espresso drinks year round! If you stop by in September or October, you can find some especially delicious fall treats to snack on and a latte or smoothie to sip! . Snag a delicious pumpkin spice smoothie bowl for breakfast in October or a Chocolate Pretzel smoothie (with your choice of white or milk chocolate) in September! Throughout the whole season you can get a latte, smoothie, or frappe in these drooooool-worthy flavors of cinnamon butter, brown sugar maple, or honey pumpkin spice. I know I’m going for a brown sugar maple frappe ASAP. (Who’s coming with me!?)


9. Solve the Murder at The Deadwood Saloon… at the Christmas House!

Location: 116 10th St, Racine, WI

When?! Saturday, October 27, 6 – 11 PM

Who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? Especially one with bandits, gamblers, bankers, debutantes, sheriffs, and saloon girls… you know there will be trouble a-brewing!

The Christmas House Bed & Breakfast in downtown Racine is hosting this awesome murder mystery dinner! The tickets are $100, but it covers all of the food catered by 911 Tacos, your first signature drink, and of course the fantastic entertainment! What a way to kick off Halloween weekend.



tell me! What are you most excited to do this fall!?

It's time for some fantastic fall fun! Here are 9 perfect autumn activities in Racine Wisconsin (USA).

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