5 Things Traveling has Taught Me to Appreciate

From doing my own personal traveling to being connected to various travelers around the world through the blogging community, I’ve learned quite a bit about the world around me. It ignites the passion for traveling inside of me more, but all of this knowledge has also taught me to appreciate a few key things about my own life here in Wisconsin.


1. Lake Michigan

These (more or less) weren’t in any particular order except for THIS ONE HERE. There are so many stunning landscapes and landmarks all over the world that I dream to see, I’ve neglected the fact I live by one of the GREAT LAKES. They don’t call Lake Michigan a great lake for nothing; all five of them can be seen from space (just like the great wall of China!)

Fun Facts about Lake Michigan:

  • 2nd largest of the Great Lakes by volume, 3rd largest by surface area
  • Water surface is 22,300 sq miles (57,800 sq km)
  • 12 million people live along Lake Michigan’s shores
  • The name “Michigan” (first used to name the lake, then the state) comes from the Ojibwa word “mishigami,” meaning great water


2. Nearby Cities

Living in southeastern Wisconsin, I’m really a short train ride from one of the biggest cities in the USA, Chicago! I visit Chicago MAYBE once a year, mostly for the German Christmas market. It’s truly a shame, and it’s something I need to actively take advantage of more often. Afterall, “Your home is someone else’s dream destination,” as told by Nina in her post about creating adventures nearby.


3. Local hidden gems

Pardon the cringe-worthy cliche, but there are many “diamonds in the rough” even in my own little hometown that I’ve never known about until I started wandering around more! With so much out in the world, it’s far too easy to take for granted the great local places, from little parks and trails to a delicious local restaurant in a different neighborhood. So far in 2018, I’ve been focusing more on exploring my hometown and nearby cities like Milwaukee and Kenosha. And you know what? I’m loving it!


4. All of the GORGEOUS nature in my home state

Devil's Lake | Wisconsin

The more often we travel and see the beauty of this world, it’s all too easy to forget about the beautiful landscapes in our own area! I’ll admit, I didn’t just take this for granted.. I didn’t even know the potential beauty Wisconsin had! I know.. shame on me! We have 42 state parks and 8 state forests; not to mention many state wildlife areas and refuges, fish hatcheries, and national forests.


5. ENGLISH being my first language

Can I give a HUGE kudos, round of applause, and shout out to anyone who learned English as their SECOND language?! Even if you’re in the process of learning it, you still get a massive round of applause. As I’ve dabbled in learning French, German, and Italian, it’s really made me appreciate that English was my first language, since learning a language while you’re young is much easier. Most other languages truly make sense when it comes to grammatical rules, whereas English is a mess. So bravo to you who learned it at an older age!


Now it’s your turn to tell me! what has travel taught you to appreciate?

5 Things Traveling Taught Me to Appreciate


  1. GREAT points! Thanks for sharing. Traveling has really taught me to appreciate the beauty of the world and how unimportant stuff is. I have moved a number of times and each time I feel less connected to stuff and more connected to my family and the lovely surroundings.

  2. Wow, this blog post really opened my eyes to something I’ve never really realized before. The truth is we want get out and explore other places and we neglect the beauty around us. I really loved this post, thank you!

  3. I can relate to your points as even I fail to appreciate the place I live in and tend to explore other parts of the world thinking I can always check out my country later as I already live here. But yes, as Nina said, your home may be someone else’s dream destination. Couldn’t agree more.

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