5 Unique Activities in Racine Wisconsin

Though Racine isn’t one of the larger, more popular cities in Wisconsin, it does offer some especially unique activities for locals and visitors to try!  It’s easy to find the “top things” to do in every town. (Thanks Trip Advisor.) But if you enjoy going off the beaten path, it requires a little bit of extra digging! Let me make your life a little easier for you and tell you about five cool and unique things to do in Racine Wisconsin.

1. Hot Shop Glass

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First on the list of unique activities in Racine is the hottest activity around! (Pun totally intended). Hot Shop Glass is a glass blowing studio that offers art classes. Create a beautiful glass paper weight (in sphere or heart shape), ornament, or a glass bowl. If you’re in town for an awesome event in downtown Racine, feel free to stop by the shop! They’re always giving cool demonstrations and offer refreshments in the studio. The owners are extremely friendly, and always willing to answer questions, (even while a hot ball of glass is on their stick!)

2. YogaRoots

Whether you’re an experienced yogi or just a beginner, Yoga Roots has something for everybody. From vinyasa flow and hatha to gentle chair yoga and pilates, YogaRoots has quite the list of class options! They focus on not only physical health, but mental health as well with Mello Monday, Thoughtful Thursday, and Sunshine Yoga classes. They even have Vinyasa classes that incorporate the benefits of essential oils through aromatherapy. (Sounds like something I need to try next!)

Throughout the year you’ll find them offering fun events such as Poses & Pints (you heard right…yoga with beer!) and kid friendly yoga for specific age groups.

3. 9Round Fitness

Kick some butt at this kickass kickboxing fitness studio! (…Too much?) If your fitness routine is looking a little blah, or you just want to try something new, 9Round Fitness offers quick 30 minute kickboxing lessons that are always changing. Believe me, as someone who struggles maintaining a routine, switching things up is absolutely crucial! Boredom won’t set in with your fitness routine, therefore you’ll stick to it longer! Plus, what better way to relieve stress than to kick and punch? (….a punching bag of course!)

4. Metamorphosis Arts

I believe dancing truly is another art form, and one of the most fun methods to get your fitness on! Hence why I think it deserves to be on a list of cool activities in Racine. 😉  Metamorphosis Arts offers classes for pole fitness, aerial silks, lyra, cube, burlesque, belly dancing and more! It’s a killer way to work out your core, all while having fun and feeling great about yourself! A healthy core leads to better balance and stability, and what woman doesn’t love feeling sexy and wonderful?!

5. Picasso Vino

Jose, the owner of Picasso Vino, is extremely creative and always brainstorming new art projects and testing new mediums throughout the year. You can choose to be traditional and paint on a canvas or try your hand at wood painting. If you’re local, keep your eyes on the website to see new projects with glass painting involving wine glasses, mason jars, ceramic mugs and more. In various projects, Jose will guide you step by step in creating your masterpiece….(even if it uses drills to create the home decor!) Jose also offers fun themed projects around the holidays, like the Grinch hand shown here. If you’re not a wine lover, don’t fret, there is beer too!

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What’s the best part of Picasso Vino? If you saw a painting you loved on the Facebook page, but missed the event, message Jose! He will gladly let you paint your preferred painting on a different night and will make sure everything is set up for you! As long as the art mediums are the same (ex: you can’t come to a wood painting night wanting to paint a certain canvas), it makes it easier for him when it comes to set up, as various materials are different.

Racine Wisconsin is just a quick visit from Milwaukee or Chicago. If you're into cool and off the beaten path activities, these 5 unique activities in Racine Wisconsin would be perfect for you.

Which of these activities are you most interested in? And to the locals, have you been to any of these businesses? I’d love to hear about your experiences!


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