1 Year with a Blog = 1 Year of Blogging FAILS

It’s been one full revolution around the sun since I began this blog back in the beginning of April 2017. Yes, I’ve learned a lot in one year, but I’ve definitely had more f*ck ups that I’m sure you all would much rather read about, am I right? Without further ado, here are my blogging fails and most awkward moments of my first year of travel blogging.


1. Falling at Governor Dodge State Park – May

Governor Dodge State Park

So I know the picture quality is absolutely terrible… but it truly does capture the movement of me SLIPPING ON A ROCK AND FALLING INTO THE WATER. So, I guess that’s what I get when I try hopping over slippery rocks? Nevertheless, still funny months later.


2. When the bugs attack…  – September

Back in September 2017, I visited my dear brother in Nashville, Tennessee. I had so much fun eating my heart out on this trip, AND I went to see the venue where he will be getting married (April 28, 2018!).  Since it looked gorgeous, I made him take pictures of me in this field. He did get some great shots, along with this one where a MASSIVE three inch grasshopper jumped out at my face. Mortifying. I’m still scarred by this incident 6 months later.


3. Awkward glare with street art – October

Oh hey, this is me attempting to look like a cool blogger in front of street art, but somehow ended up with a really creepy side glare. You think I’d learn to stay behind the camera after all of these.


4. A literal “Oh shit” caught on camera – October
Photo credit: Elizabeth Jean Photography

Yessss, smart Miranda decided to take off her shoes and socks and take a dip into the freezing river. But no, that’s not why I said those two magical words. On my way up off the rocks (because the water was so cold it hurt), I slipped and almost fell in! Caught myself, but the photographer also caught this lovely expression.

Clearly, I do not do well with climbing on rocks.


5. “ARE YOU DONE YET?!” – March 2018

While visiting the Racine Brewing Company last month, I’d asked my boyfriend to take some pictures… None of them really worked, AND HE WOULDN’T STOP. This is me yelling (laughing) at him for taking so many….when I’m not ready.



Looking back, it’s been a fun and hilarious year of blogging. Not to mention, it went by so fast. I’ve experienced new things, met so many fantastic bloggers around the country and world. I’ve grown in my career as a social media marketer all while talking about a huge passion of mine.


  1. I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for a year. What an overachiever 😉 doing it right from the very beginning.
    I gotta say, that pic of you mid-slip into the water is pretty bloody funny as we’d say in Australia.
    Have a fab time at your brother’s wedding!!

  2. Congratulations on this one year milestone! Even before reading (and seeing) these outtakes, I’ve found your blog posts to always have just the right amount of humor. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings! ❤

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