Life Goals: 25 before 25 Bucket List Challenge

I’m starting off this post with an honorable mention because I was incredibly inspired by Kylie from Between England and Iowa who created a 30 before 30 bucket list challenge back in December. She’s been fortunate to do so many other exciting things in her life, she decided to challenge herself to do 30 activities before she hits 30, which inspired me to do my own version! With my birthday coming up in a week, I’ll be turning 24 so this will be a great time to create a list of 25 activities, travel destinations, and goals to hit before I turn 25. I mean, everybody says it’s all downhill after 25, so I might as well end this last “young?” year with a bang! My list is going to be a bit different than hers (mostly because I dislike running and biking, Kylie’s a better woman than me!), therefore you must hop on over and see hers. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own year long bucket list!

Fair warning: my list may end up being a bit of a hodge podge of various activities with no rhyme or reason, other than giving me further motivation to do different activities and explore different areas. Goal setting is an excellent way to not only push yourself outside of your comfort zone, but motivate you to use your time on this beautiful planet of ours wisely!  Sometimes I get too used to a routine and get in a serious slump of laziness, and, to be quite blunt, I need to get my ass up and stop watching so many YouTube videos.

1. Travel to Italy

2. Visit Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida

3. Take a weekend trip out of town with my best friend

4. Take a solo day trip out of town  (Because solo travel scares the hell out of me, I gotta start somewhere right?)

5. Take a weekend trip to Minneapolis, MN

6. Read 30 books

7. Learn how to create/edit videos

8. Finish my German Rosetta Stone program

9. Learn to play a new song on the piano.

10. Learn to sew (It’s seriously a dying art. Plus, I should know how to hem pants and skirts without my mother’s help.)

11. Take a glass-blowing class.

12. Research the genealogy on my mother’s side

13. Volunteer for a day

14. Go hang gliding

15. Go paddleboarding on the Milwaukee River

16. Go on a river cruise in Milwaukee

17. Visit MACS Mac & Cheese Shop (They make seriously cool mac & cheese dishes; how could anyone NOT want to go here?)

18. Make bread from scratch.

19. Make a cheese souvenir at the Original Cheesehead Factory

20. Take a pole fitness class.

21. Make pasta from scratch

22. Visit Starved Rock State Park in Illinois

23. Take a brewery bus tour in Milwaukee

24. Become more serious about my health. (I know, I hate absolutely vague “goals,” but I feel health/fitness isn’t a one time thing, but a lifestyle)

25. Do more activities ALONE. Go to a museum alone, a restaurant alone, or a movie alone.


So there you have it… my list of 25 things. What do you think; can I manage? Or are these pretty lofty goals to do all in one year? Guess I better get started!




  1. Looks like you’ll be having a busy year. You have some exciting things on your list (yes I read the whole thing trying not to be apart of the “shitty” blog comments haha) I’m with you on going on trips alone, i’ve never done it and when I go out to eat by myself it’s weird so I couldn’t imagine going to a new city solo, let alone a foreign country that just seems kind of wild! But let me know how it goes. Oh yeah good luck on that home made pasta and bread too. I’ve always wanted to do it, but buying it just seems so much easier. Great post!

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