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Living in Wisconsin, and so close to Milwaukee, all 23 years (and some odd cents) of my life, everyone had always been SHOCKED I’ve never been to any breweries in Milwaukee, much less any brewery tour in general. You’d think being of legal drinking age for only the past two years of my life would help them to understand, but I digress! Nothing against beer, I just have a sweet tooth (or five) that basically runs my entire existence. Alas, I figured I should nip this in the bud and visit a Milwaukee craft brewery now, before I turn 50 and then my fellow Wisconsinites become really concerned. In any matter, my knowledge was lacking when it comes to beer, and I was genuinely curious! So, I decided to take a trip up to Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to go on my FIRST brewery tour!

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Quirky front yard of Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Upon reaching this unique Milwaukee brewery, I spied these quirky little art pieces! As my mother and I giggled, I KNEW I’d end up liking this place. As I always say, the weirder the better! This place was POPPIN’ as I walked in, and it got busier as the day went on. Lakefront Brewery is so obviously a well, loved, Milwaukee favorite, and quite possibly one of the most popular Wisconsin craft breweries.

The Tour

The tour itself is a pretty great deal. For $10, you get a souvenir pint glass and four 6 oz pours of beer with your hour long tour. I absolutely loved the tour; it not only was informative and interesting, but it gave me a deep pride as a local and home-grown Wisconsinite! Not to mention, our tour guide was absolutely hilarious. Then again, I love bad jokes and generally edgy humor.  The tour guide was extremely interactive with the audience, with moments to let us ask questions and sing, and there is fun audience participation on this tour! 

To all the history buffs out there, you’d love this tour. You’ll learn how the owners, the Klisch brothers, got their start, and even Milwaukee area history! To all the foodies, Lakefront Brewery has fantastic food such as different variations of mac & cheese, tacos, and salads. My personal recommendation: the cheese curds. Seriously, don’t leave without ordering yourself these bad boys.

Fun Facts about Lakefront Brewery:
  • Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery is the first brewery in Wisconsin to receive the Travel Green Wisconsin Certification… yep that’s right, they’re a green brewery! They make a conscious effort to help our planet and keep mother nature smiling!
  • Lakefront Brewery is the 2nd largest brewery in Wisconsin
  • They are the first brewery in the United States to create gluten-free beer (label approved by our government)
  • They are the first brewery to create organic beer
  • Side fun fact: their Organika, organic white ale, was my favorite that I tried!

You can’t visit Milwaukee without learning a bit of our history…as well as drinking some of our beer. Lakefront Brewery is a bit of a landmark in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and one of the top breweries to visit!

Visiting Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee Wisconsin. Finding the best breweries in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA)


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