AEppelTreow Winery | A Unique Wine Tasting Experience in Southeastern Wisconsin

Just southwest of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, AEppelTreow Winery & Distillery is unique compared to the typical wineries you’re familiar with. AEppelTreow Winery specializes in cider, perry, and spirits. I’ve visited this winery once before (as I stumbled on it by happy accident), and decided to end my last “summer weekend” by giving it another visit with my father and (spoiler alert) picking up some wine.

AeppelTreow Winery | unique wine tasting wisconsin

AEppelTreow Winery plannted its “roots” in 2001, whereas Brightonwoods Orchard has been going strong for 50 years. You can rest easy when visiting Brightonwoods Orchard as this ethical farm advocates for conservation and sustainable agriculture. Their uniqueness comes from their focus on creating delicious ciders and transforming them into wines, champagnes, and draft-style beverages.

The wines produced at AEppelTreow Winery are more appropriately named “fruit wines,” as they have varieties made from pears and apples. Their fruit wines and ciders are naturally sweetened, and truly no added sugar is necessary! As mentioned above, a “perry” is a cider, simply made from pears instead of apples. According to their website, their products “lean to the dry end,” though as a fan of sweeter wines and ciders, I happily found several that I enjoyed. (2nd Spoiler Alert: We got 4!)

AEppelTreow Winery | unique wine tasting wisconsin

Wine tasting

Better yet, you can sample 5 of their wines/ciders (or swap one our for a spirit, if you so choose) for FREE. They also offer a cider flight or a spirit flight, each for $5. We chose the free sample option, as I prefer to mix and match the styles (minus the spirit as I’m not a fan of hard liquor). I chose a cider, a pear dessert wine, a sparkling perry, an apple wine, and a pear wine to taste.

A knowledgable wine tasting “host” will hand you a tasting sheet and thoroughly explain the Diamond Key located next to each of the drinks. They’ll walk you through which ones are sweet/dry, the alcohol percentage, sugar percentage, and the tartness of the fruit used before you pick your preferred five.

Aeppeltreow winery | unique wine tasting Wisconsin Aeppeltreow winery | Unique wine tasting wisconsin

My personal favorite was their champagne-style Perry (pear cider). It was sweet with an exceptional amount of bubbles. Perfect for a fancy celebration or, if you’re me, even relaxing on the couch watching a movie. Do delicious wines and ciders really need to be saved for a special ocassion? I’d like to think not!

AeppelTreow Winery | Unique wine tasting wisconsin

As mentioned before, you can try a taste of one of their liquors for the free tasting, as well. I’m not a huge fan of spirits; they’re much too strong for me. (So really, why waste even a taste on someone who wouldn’t appreciate it??) Though, we were told their Brown Dog Whiskey is quite popular.

Aeppeltreow winery | Unique Wine Tasting Wisconsin

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, and I am by no means a wine expert… just a wine lover. 

Have you tried apple wine and perries before? What do you think compared to traditional wines made from grapes? Let me know below in the comments!

Visiting AeppelTreow Winery, a Unique wine tasting experience in Wisconsin, USA


  1. I have to say I’m not a fan from wine, and I used to work in a vine nursery (when I was is aus) However in saying that fact that they make Cider and spirits has intrigued me 😀 You know from your posts at this rate most of my USA trip is going to revolve around Wisconsin haha. I truly didn’t know there was this much to do there haha. Anyways getting back to this post, I would love to taste the brown god whiskey 😀

  2. Taste 5 wines for free? That is pretty cool! I love how they’ve explained everything so comprehensively on that piece of paper. I’m not a fan of hard liquor either but would’ve loved to try all the types of wines you did – especially apple wine.

  3. Bee

    that wine selection sounds delicious. i really like the fact that they practise sustainability and give back into the environment. so good to hear there is a place that focuses on natural methods to produce good wines. sounds like a gem!

  4. I love visiting wineries, but I can’t say that I have ever tried apple wines or perry. I am going to have to track down some of their products and have a taste. Or maybe I just need to take a little road trip 🙂

  5. I visited a winery in Peru not long ago and tried their crazy strong throat-burning pisco… not a huge fan! However, I love cider. I am French and here we traditionally make the apple cider, but the idea of a pear cider sounds really cool and delicious, I had no idea it exists. And it is certainly much, much more drinkable that pure pisco!!

  6. Joanna

    This is definitely a very unique experience! I have never heard of apple or pear wine before, it sounds intriguing and I would love to try it out. It’s great that additional to the tasting you can buy a flight of 5 more samples, for only a fiver. Definitely a great value!

  7. Skye

    I love that they specialise in cider. I love a good cider. I didn’t even know Wisconsin was a grower’s region. Not sure that I could do a whole spirits flight. I think I’d have to lie down after that.

  8. I’ve actually never gone to winery before but I want to someday. It sounds like so much fun. I like sweet flavors mostly and it would be great to taste the apple one here. Perhaps I find myself in Wisconsin one day so I can visit.

  9. I’ve not personally done a wine tour, but they all look great! I would love to go on one. Wish I had thought of it when we were in Wisconsin this summer. I honestly ddn’t know that there were wines out there that weren’t made from grapes! I am intrigued!

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