What You Should Know if You Date a Girl Who Travels

Travel: it’s exciting, it’s interesting, and it can teach us so many things. Since traveling encompasses so many things; it makes sense that dating a girl who travels will offer the same experiences right? If you come across a girl who travels (or a guy), here are a few things you should know when dating them.


1. You will NEVER be bored

She is spontaneous! Will she take a weekend trip to a nearby city, or fly across the country? If she has the means, she will find a way. And better yet, she’ll want you to come with! Even when she’s not traveling, she’ll always have ideas for you both to do while at home.


2. She can BUDGET

She is financially smart. Unfortunately (sigh), traveling is expensive. She doesn’t waste her money on copious amounts of liquor or a shopping spree every other weekend. This also means she may have given up certain “luxuries” and has even found ways to get creative and thrifty.


3. She always looking to better herself.

Whether physically, mentally, or spiritually, she wants to grow as a person. Traveling turns you into one of the best students. There is so much to learn from traveling, and seeing the world in person is better education than any book can offer. Even when she’s not in a new city, she’s focusing on her next project. She’s continually on a journey of self-improvement.


4. Things will NOT impress her.

Your fancy car? Nope. Large house? Nada. Motorcycle, 4-wheeler, boat, AND a snowmobile? Think again. Don’t worry, this does not mean taking her on extravagant vacations will impress her. Experiences will impress her. Take her to a museum or a new restaurant she’s never been to. Wander around downtown for the afternoon. Spend time with her rather than showering her with stuff.


5. She has a happy soul.

She loves life so much that she wants to experience it all over the world. Traveling helps her see how other people live and their overall culture and to be thankful for her own life and home country. With having so much love in your heart for other countries, how can you NOT be genuinely happy?


6. She can be stubborn…

The girl who travels often has goals and plans and is determined to reach them, travel related or not. She has an ever growing list of “things to do, places to go, and people to see.” She is a hard worker, even if it means she’s a little stubborn along the way. (At least it’s the good kind of stubborn!)


7. She is easy to please.

Any traveler will tell you that, though they enjoy adventures, they adore the simple things in life. They just want to experience these “simple things” all over the world. After all, sunsets in the United States can be vastly different than sunsets in Brazil and Australia. From gazing at sunsets to dipping her toes in a river to cool off, the girl who travels will want to experience these simple pleasures with you.



Are you a travel-loving girl? Would you agree with these? I’d love to hear what else you would add!


7 Things to Know when Dating a Girl Who Travels




  1. This list is very accurate. My favorite is #4. My husband knows that I get more excited with the gift of vacation than any other material things. We told each other no more buying each other gifts so we can save and take more trips.

  2. Haha love this one. I feel like after I finish my 14 month trip around South and Central I’m going to be a totally different person to date. Although I must say I still do like fancy things!

  3. Loved this post, Miranda! Everything you mention is so true. I am always looking to grow/better myself and experiences will always impress me more than material things. I also so often find enjoyment in the little things like a good sunset, too!

  4. I agree with pretty much all of this ! I sometimes can be impressed by fancy cars but I’m never impressed when someone’s goals in life are all materialistic – like the fancy car is the main goal you know ? Luckily my boyfriend is also a traveler like me

  5. As someone who’s marrying a woman who loves to travel, I agree with a lot of these points. She’s definitely a good budgeter who is adventurous, but easy to please is debatable sometimes!

  6. Steph The Pink Backpack

    Miranda, It’s like you went inside my brain and described exactly how I feel lol. Such a great little read! 🙂 Now if only I could find that guy who travels too 😉 ❤

  7. I can relate to this list so much although I haven’t traveled as much as I’d like (and don’t consider myself a traveler). Since my son has been born we have only traveled (on a plane) twice and both times to the same place, so I am really looking forward to doing more of that in the future and passing these attributes on to him as well!

  8. Experiences are must! We will also be impressed by food. Well-traveled people are attractive, they seem full of life and hopefully have amazing stories to tell, and perhaps in the future will want you to get in on and share their experiences. =D

  9. Good on you if this is you and your approach to life. I just think there are still generalities made that don’t apply to everyone and that doesn’t make them any less of a traveller, or a great person to hang out with. Everyone has different dreams and sometimes, for eg, people can like having a home that they own to go back to after they travel. They would still be impressed by sunsets and oceans etc. Travelling isn’t always about doing it on its own without other things of value to you personally, which may or may not be materialistic in someone else’s eyes 🙂

  10. Claire

    Yup, this is bang on! I’ve dated guys who just talk about money all the time and it is sooooo boring! Simple things are usually the best things in life, if it is too complicated then it isn’t meant to be 🙂

  11. Sandy N Vyjay

    Being hitched to each other and traveling together, we can very well appreciate the tips. One thing is clear though, if you are dating a traveler, there never will be a dull moment. Something interesting to look forward to around every bend in the road.

  12. Well I don’t date girls but I think a lot of this can go for guys also. A traveler is a traveler, we all tend to have many of the same things in common! Especially the part about can be stubborn… that’s me!

  13. Halley Wright

    Reading this post came at the right time! I’ve always struggled with the idea of being in a relationship, while also wanting to travel everywhere! So this is perfect, thanks for sharing!

  14. Yes to number 4! I really do not care about super expensive things. I shop for clothes at thrift stores. So I don’t care for a super big house, or tons of cars.. etc. I think the house we have now is too big and I wish we would have gotten something smaller so we could save money. Oh well. You live and learn.

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