Summer Festivals | 10 Things to Do in Milwaukee This Summer

The Midwest is so much more than “fly over” states, especially Wisconsin. (Anyone get that country song reference?) More than just cheese and beer, Milwaukee is quite the hot spot in the summer! There are no shortages of summer festivals ranging from ethnic, music, beer and art festivals. The City of Festivals truly throws a kickass party. If you’re looking for things to do in Milwaukee this summer, here are 10 summer festivals you need to check out.

1. Wisconsin State Fair

In my personal opinion—-the state fair is the best of the best. Probably only to be rivaled with the next on my list, Summerfest. Our state fair occurs every year for 10 days in August at the Wisconsin State Fair Park. I’m a HUGE foodie, so that’s 95% of the reason I love our state fair. Plus, it’s a tradition in our family; I haven’t missed a year! There is never a shortage of anything on-a-stick or fried, and sometimes you can get them combined, such as fried cheesecake on a stick (yikes..or yum?).

If you go, you’re not a true fair-goer if you don’t try one of our Original Cream Puffs. They’re made fresh in front of you and are messy and delicious.  Along with Original Cream Puffs, getting flavored milk is a tradition at our fair. Besides chocolate and strawberry, you can try banana milk, rootbeer milk, and other wacky flavors for a quarter each! I can’t forget to say this, too: since you’re in Milwaukee, please grab yourself some fried cheese curds and a beer (or get out.)

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If you’re into the farm life, there are animal barns to check out and see who placed in the competitions. There are carnival activities, bands playing, art buildings, and too many vendors to count. Bring some cash, you might want everything.

2019 Dates: August 1 – 11

2. Summerfest 

Summerfest is the top summer festival in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Most likely the top Milwaukee summer event! Named “The World’s Largest Music Festival,” Summerfest attracts around 800,000 to 900,000 people. My Facebook is guaranteed to be flooded with videos and pictures of everyone’s experiences during these days. Interested in this year’s line up? Find it here!

2019 Dates: June 26 – July 7

3. Pride Fest

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Like many major cities, Milwaukee does have it’s very own Pride fest! I have not been to it personally, but from all the stories and pictures I’ve seen, it’s a crazy fun time. Another opportunity to drink beer (thanks, Milwaukee) but also meet and connect with new people in the LGBTQ+ community and allies!

2019 Dates: June 6 – 9

4. Bastille Days

Not nearly as big as the others, but its still a cute little summer festival to go to. There are vendors, food, and drinks which is pretty typical for a summer festival in Milwaukee. They have a mini Eiffel tower on display, and 2 vendors offered French foods and cheeses, along with a few street performers. The ethnic traditions aren’t as authentic as some of these other festivals, but it’s great for the small space they have. If you just want a beer and a nice (and free) place to hangout? You’re golden!

2019 Dates: July 11 – 14

5. German Fest

The last weekend of July, at Henry W. Maier Festival Park, is probably one of my favorite cultural events in Milwaukee: German Fest! (Being German…I maaaay be slightly biased.) German Fest Milwaukee is larger than Bastille Days; it’s actually one of the largest German Festivals in North America. There’s polka music playing all over, so you can polka dance until your heart’s content! Beer everywhere, from American brands to German brands. Bratwursts, wiener schnitzel, bretzels und käse(pretzel & cheese), und kartoffelnsalat (potato salad) are only some of the authentic German foods served at this festival.

2019 Dates: July 26 – 28

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6. Polish Fest

If you’re tired of beer (but really, who is?) Attend the vodka tasting event at Polish Fest! Similar to these other festivals, Polish Fest offers authentic cuisine (pierogis with many filling options), vendors, various bands, and contests all relating to Polish heritage.

2019 Dates: June 14-16

7. Irish Fest

Along with delicious food and fabulous music, there are many different activities to participate in at Irish Fest. If you know someone 12 and under with true Irish blood running through their veins, they could win the “Red Hair & Freckles Contest!” Those of legal drinking age could head over to the Jameson Lounge to taste some delicious whiskeys or enjoy a specialty drink.

2019 Dates: August 15 – 18

8. Mexican Fiesta

Mexican Fiesta is more than just tacos (though there is a taco dinner). There’s a salsa/bachata contest, traditional costume contest, and jalapeño eating contest! Starting off the weekend of Mexican Fiesta is a Dia de los Muertos Parade Friday evening. There’s something fun each day to immerse and introduce you to Mexican culture! 

2019 Dates: August 23-25

9. Indian Summer Festival

To end the summer, and start off fall, is the Indian Summer Festival! To clear confusion, this is all about Native American culture. Many Wisconsin city names come from Native American names (Milwaukee being one of them!), so it’s no surprise there would be a Native American festival to celebrate the culture! There are powwow contests, workshops, traditional music and art!

2019 Dates: September 7 – 9

10. Festa Italiana

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At Festa Italiana, you can be a true Italian and try your hand at the Bocce Ball tournament! If bocce isn’t your thing, you can enjoy the festivities on a gondola ride, play futsal, or watch the parade! Wine tasting is also offered, which is a nice change of pace away from beer. Also, who doesn’t love Italian food?

2019 Dates: July 19 – 21

Other summer festivals in Milwaukee include:

  • Garlic Fest, June 23, (Safe place away from vampires.)
  • Cedarburg Strawberry Festival, June 22-24. (An extremely busy festival for it not being downtown Milwaukee)
  • Milwaukee Brewfest, July 27. (Beer. Self explanatory)
  • Firkin Fest, June 8. (Yes, more beer.)

Along with many smaller art, music, and street summer festivals. There is an opportunity to drink beer and have fun every weekend. It is Milwaukee after all! These are simply my favorites and ones I plan on attending this year. If you’re interested in seeing a full list, you can check out the full calendar on Visit Milwaukee website. You will see that festival season even extends into the fall and springtime!

10 Summer Festivals in Milwaukee Wisconsin USA. Milwaukee is a diverse city with something to do each weekend in the summertime.


  1. I haven’t been to Wisconsin yet, but I would love to go there during summer to explore some summer festivals. Would love to go to State Fair and try the Original Cream Puffs. Looks so good and messy indeed xD I didn’t know that the world’s largest festival was there. So many people 😀 It is so nice that there are so many international festivals. would love to experience that 😀

  2. Fantastic list! German festivals are one of my favorite festivals to attend – I love watching the dancing and singing. And of course, trying all the different kinds of beer and those ‘oh so delicious’ pretzels.

  3. Kevan

    Festivals are always fun to attend. I grew up in Indiana and we also had a very large state fair the I looked forward to each year. I would get to spend it gorging on such unhealthy things a s pork sandwiches, elephant ears, and deep fried Twinkies.

  4. I’m from Chicago and I keep hearing about the Wisconsin State Fair! I guess it’s about time for me to get over there. I’ve been to Summerfest before and loved it. It’s a great place to find new bands.

  5. So much to do, so much fun!!! I am always so envious of those living in the US/EU. So many things to see, you could take a road trip to the different states and its an adventure on its own. I am Singaporean, and fortunately or unfortunately, it only takes me an hour of driving to get from one end to the other end of the country.

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