The Beauty of Lapham Peak Unit | Kettle Moraine State Park

First check off my summer bucket list was the Lapham Peak Unit at Kettle Moraine State Forest. This was a father/daughter adventure which to me was a special treat this weekend! Though I do spend a lot of time with my parents (arguably more than other 20 somethings), I do most of my “random adventures” with my mom. Hiking is an activity my dad always enjoyed, so it was quite a lovely little outing while my mom was out of town.  In Wisconsin in early May, you never can quite predict the weather. Fortunately, we were lucky to experience beautiful weather and sunshine! I’ve always loved hiking in the woods and getting to be close to nature.

The Lapham Peak Unit has a variety of trails from paved to natural. You’re not truly hiking if you’re on a paved path; you need to get deeper into the woods! I’d love to share my appreciation of nature, and I hope these pictures encourage you to visit this beautiful park.

The flowers at Lapham Peak were beautiful, from the wildflowers to the ones in the butterfly garden:

Lapham Peak | Wildflowers Lapham Peak Unit | Tulips Beauty of Lapham Peak | Miranda Knudtson

I couldn’t begin to tell you how many different kinds of flowers have been on my Snapchat stories the past few weeks! From Lapham peak, to my own backyard, to even the flowers I was admiring at gardening stores in town. These flowers were some of the brightly colored beauties in the butterfly garden. Visiting the first week of May meant there were only a few different varieties of flowers and butterflies. I’ll bet the butterfly garden is booming in the summertime! Little bluebell flowers (pictured left) sprinkled the edges of the trails, so you were never without flowers.

Lapham Peak

Lapham Peak | Kettle Moraine | Miranda Knudtson

Lapham Peak itself is a tall wooden structure with about 70 steps to climb to get up to the top – easy peasy! Though, it might be a little daunting if you’re afraid of heights. With all of the teenagers thundering up and down the stairs, I promise you that it’s quite sturdy. There is something so freeing when you’re above the ground seeing miles of rolling hills and trees. The view is worth the little fear.

Pure Nature

Lapham Peak | Miranda Knudtson Lapham Peak | Miranda Knudtson

To me, nature is extremely therapeutic. From hiking to simply sitting in one place soaking it all in, I love being in the middle of it. I believe there is so much to learn and experience in this world, and you can’t always do that staring at a computer or television screen. Being blonde, people may assume I’d be a beach bum, but forests, rivers, and mountains are truly where my heart lies!

Lapham Peak | Miranda Knudtson 



Tell me: where have you gone that leaves you in awe of the beauty?


  1. Becky

    Ah I am just the same I absolutely love hiking and the mountains. I always feel so relaxed and love a good challenge too!! Love your flower pics. I love photographing flowers and much easier than birds as they don’t move!!!

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