Why You Need to Travel with your Best Friend

It might be obvious already, but maybe this is the push you need for you both to save that moolah and book that ticket! I think everyone should take a trip with their best friend at least once, and I mean a GAL best friend. No hubbies, no kids, no family – just you two! Just imagine all of the memories that are you waiting for you at the beach, in the mountains–anywhere!

Here are just a few of the reasons why you need to travel with your best friend

LOTS of Extra Bonding!

Best Friend Trip | Jamaica | Miranda Knudtson

You will be with them 24/7… let’s hope you REALLY both like each other! You will eat, sleep, drink, swim, hike, and more with them. The only thing Katie and I didn’t do together was shower (I mean….obvious right? haha!). Picture above was the first of MANY coconut drinks; you can’t go to the Caribbean without drinking from a coconut!

Best Friend Trip | Jamaica | Miranda Knudtson


You both will create special memories

There’s just something about silently sitting on a balcony with your best friend soaking in the sight of Caribbean waters early in the morning. (Picture Below)

Best Friend Trip | Jamaica

Fortunately, I think we both got lucky in the sense that we have the same interests and agreed on everything our whole trip! From how late we wanted to stay up, the activities, and even when (and what) we wanted to eat!

Our conversations most often went like this:

“What do you wanna do?”

“Get nachos?”


or even, “This party is kind of lame.”

“I was thinking the same thing!”

Best Friend Trip | Jamaica

Push you outside of your comfort zone

Both of you are able to push each other outside of your comfort zone to try new activities or foods whether it be zip lining, a popular local dish, parasailing, etc. Katie and I were pretty much down for anything. It was great that we both wanted to explore Negril! From the 7 mile beach to Rick’s café, it was a great day trip away from the resort.

Best Friend Trip | Ricks Cafe

One thing I always encourage Katie (even at home) is trying new foods! She’s a pretty good sport (to a certain extent haha). She might hate me for it…. but usually I’m the one that gets the weird food, and I force her to take a bite. Sometimes you just need to compromise, too!

They have your back!

Traveling with your best friend means there is less chance you will forget something (while packing to go there or to leave), and less chance to get lost. Of course, on the off chance you do get lost, two heads are better than one! Traveling with someone can also ease anxiety when it comes to safety. Even though we stayed on a resort in Jamaica, we still had tons of guys trying to get us to go to some local club in the nearby town. NO THANK YOU. I wouldn’t even go to a club with some stranger I didn’t know in America! Best friends are also great to have your back when the guys get a little overwhelming.  You will have help in the planning process and better accountability when it comes to sticking to your budget (because they will have a budget too).

Also, shout out to my best friend for feeding me goldfish and water that one night in Jamaica. That’s a story for another day, ha! Best friends are the real MVP.

What adventure would you take your best friend on?




  1. Kelly

    I am so jealius that you have a wing woman to travel with. That is amazing. I have friends but none that can really travel with me. So glad you found that with your bestie.

  2. As much as I love travelling solo, I love taking trips with my best friends or sisters. There’s something really freeing about travelling with someone that you can be totally yourself with – makes is easier to be honest about what you do/don’t want to do.Luckily, with the closest of pals the activities list usually lines up pretty well!

  3. Definitely agree with this! I have been on a few girly holidays with a group of close friends and they have always given us so many memories! Even now, ten years after our first trip, we still sit there for hours reminiscing and laughing at our mishaps!

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