Weekly Discoveries #3| Busy, Busy Week!

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I learned more about ethical tourism on Sunday! I haven’t been too many places abroad, but so many activities involves interacting with wildlife. Some of these tourist hot spots may not even treat the animals well, and most people know that animals don’t thrive well in cages. It’s crucial to research companies ahead of time to learn which of these types of businesses are ethical or not. I’ve swam with dolphins in Jamaica, and while they weren’t in cages, (their area was rather large and extremely deep) I’m not entirely sure if it would meet the standards. Something I will definitely make sure to do next time I go abroad!


My mother told me today, “Some people are just too insecure and will consider it competition instead of just helping out a friend.” Right on, Momma Knudtson.



I know what you’re thinking – something is missing. I messed up, oops! Tuesday and Thursday were pretty boring days, and I didn’t quite keep track of what happened. On Wednesday, I worked with a video/audio company was a big filming day at work so I’ll give you three facts that I learned!

  • “B Roll” are the shots without any speaking portions. It’s supplemental footage that is used to help tell the story.
  • You need a license to fly a drone for commercial purposes (which makes sense, of course).
  • You cannot fly a drone within 5 miles of an airport. Again, definitely makes sense, but I would’ve thought the distance would be father. This isn’t something I think about too often since I don’t own one (and probably never will).

I gained a new appreciation for website designers and developers. I spent a majority of Friday switching my blog over to a different hosting site, transferring all of my content over (which took 3 separate tries), and designing my website…..and googling everything the whole process! Fortunately, I probably shaved several hours off my time because my hosting site was able to install the main program for me. I learned a great deal about designing and overall how to work the program. It’s at a good point for now, but it can only get better from here!


I did quite a bit of research regarding designing a logo. Granted, I’m faaaar from a designer; I can do piddly stuff for social media but nothing extravagant! I learned the importance of fonts and colors relating to what you want to portray. I can also add two new terms to my vocabulary: wordmark and brandmark. Wordmarks use the name of the business as the logo, while brandmarks use an image. It is possible to use both, though I’m  just not sure where I’m leaning! Looks, like I have some more researching to do to still figure out what I want!



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